About Jatab Care

Jatab Care was started in 1990 in Örebro in the center of Sweden. The background was a desire to find a way to give severely disabled people an opportunity to move around in their home environments with the help of just one family member or assistant – something that was earlier almost impossible without very heavy, difficult lifting or complicated lifting devices. The Jatab chair was developed, and has been used now for many years in home care and medical services, to the great satisfaction and pleasure of both care recipients and care personnel.

The Jatab MM chair is our primary product. It is manufactured in Örebro, Sweden, and is also marketed in Norway, Finland, and Germany. We collaborate with experts in medical care, occupational therapy, physiotherapy, and assistive devices to develop our products.

Jatab Care AB | Apelvägen 30, SE- 70358 / Örebro | Tel. 070-877 99 00 | [email protected]