'MM 01 manuell

Max breadth 680 mm
Seat breadth 500 mm
Seath depth 445 mm
Weight 75 kg
Max. velocity 6 km/hour
Max. range ca 20 km
Max weight 120/150 kg


'MM 01 Manual Caregiver-manuvered

Jatab ’MM 01 is a multifunctional wheelchair and mobilizer with an electrically powered propulsion motor. It can be adjusted to any sitting position, to a horizontal gurney position, or to a standing position. Adjustments are done easily with a control device that has clear symbols. The device can be placed for both caregiver and user access. Under the seat cushion there is a toilet seat, and the chair can be placed over a toilet. The Jatab ’MM can also be driven in the standing and lying positions. Sitting comfort is facilitated with a firm, pressure-distributing seat to avoid pressure and stress injuries. Various seat and back cushions are available.

Technical data
Frame of powder-coated aluminum.
Seat and back cushions of polyurethane integral foam with nonporous, incontinence-proof surface
Removable, washable fabric
Neck rest, height-adjustable
Removable leg rest, with adjustable length and foot angle
Calf rest
Arm rest
Parking brake
Tilt protection with electrical control
Back wheels: Puncture-proof rubber wheels, 16”
Front wheels: Puncture-proof castor wheels, 8”
Electric-powered actuator with control device
12V batteries with 220V battery charger
Attachment eyes for securing chair in vehicles

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